To promote organic farming as a holistic, sustainable alternative to modern agricultural practices that have depleted and poisoned the earth's resources.
The T.S.Srinivasan Centre for Rural Training (CRT) was founded by TVSES in 1997, to train small and marginal farmers in organic farming practices that are eco-sensitive and do not destroy the earth's resources.
CRT is located in a 9 acre organic farm in the dry region of Hosur in Tamil Nadu. The Centre advocates integrated organic farming as a more sustainable alternative to modern agricultural practices which require unsustainable inputs like high cost fertilizers and pesticides.
CRT has undertaken many soil and water conservation projects and extension and training activities in organic farming. In collaboration with Department of Science and Technologies , New Delhi, CAPART, Hyderabad, NABARD, Agriculture
Man Ecology, National Centre for Organic Farming, CRT has undertaken the following activities -- soil and water conservation and forestation progams; improvement of organic farming practices by testing and standardizing organic pest control measures; introducing bio fertilizers that help revive soil fertility and developing better composting methods to minimize external inputs.
CRT has developed a network of over 600 farmers who are actively engaged in organic farming of vegetables. These farmers have access to a consumer network developed by CRT. The network provides a stable and assured market for the farmers' products thus providing the farmers economic and psychological security.