CRT acts a Resource centre to provide advisory and consultancy services to farmers and organizations in a variety of organic farming and conservation practices. CRT in the last 10 years has held over a 200 training programs.
Farmers in the local area have been trained in the following
Soil Improvement And Protection Techniques
CRT has demonstrated improved composting procedures to farmers for vermi compost, aerobic and anaerobic compost production.
Production And Use Of Organic Growth Promters
CRT has created standardized protocol for the preparation and application of Panchagavya and Amrit Pani and Bokashi as organic growth promoters. Further it has developed plant protection techniques using microbials, botanicals, predators and parasites, pheromone traps and other traps.
Designing Crop Rotation And Variation
To ensure soil conservation, CRT assists farmers to design crop rotation cycles based on soil status and availability of resources.
CRT has promoted adoption of new cropping methods and cycles like alley cropping, mixed cropping, multi tier cropping which prevents soil from loosing its potency and simultaneously acts as a buffer against vagaries of market.
Conservation Of Indigenous Seeds And Plant
CRT has begun traditional seed storage in various clusters so that the old varieties are preserved and used. To ensure that farmers have an easy access to quality indigenous seeds a central Seed Bank has been set up to collect, maintain and distribute quality seeds to the member farmers
Construction of Polyhouses
CRT has strongly advocated the use of poly-houses to optimize growing of exotic and off season vegetable production, thereby providing farmers increased income and greater financial securtiy.
An outlet for organic farm produce like vegetables, fruits, cereals has been established at CRT. Thereby providing farmers and customers easy access to sell and buy organic produce. Customers include local companies, hotels in Bangalore, and individual customers in Hosur, Bangalore and Chennai.
CRT has collaborated with NABARD to train farmers in rain water harvesting and conserving techniques like making contour bunds and percolation pits and wells and building water storage structures at farm and community levels.
CRT has constructed check dams, weirs and farm ponds to serve over 5 villages and 10 hamlets. It has also undertaken to plant over 100,000 local trees in over 1000 hectares of land to prevent soil erosion and recharge the underground water.
As a part of its outreach program, CRT has set up a banana fiber unit at Thirukkurungudi, a predominantly agricultural area located 80 miles from Madurai.
CRT has trained women in the village in banana fiber extraction and weaving the fiber into cloth. They are also trained to use the fiber to create handmade paper and paper products.
The project has revived the production of banana fiber, a waning cottage industry and provided employment and income generation opportunities during the off- season to landless women labourers.