• 21 Leaflets under the series entitled Plant production have been published. The topics include organic cultivation practices for vegetables like tomato, peas, brinjal, Ladies finger, potato, snake gourd, Beans, carrot, radish, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, coloured capsicum, Broccoli, lettuce, onion etc
  • 8 booklets under the series entitled Plant Protection deal with various aspects of Plant protection
  • A Book on Integrated Organic Farming entitled Orunginaintha Iyarkai Velanamai
  • 9 leaflets on organic cultivation of vegetables grown commonly in the Hosur area
  • 10 pamphlets to persuade people about the advantages of organic farming
  • 16 leaflets in plant protection series
  • 11 leaflets in plant production series
Paper presentations in Scientific meetings on organic farming were made in:
  • AGRI INTEX 2002 Coimbatore
  • AGRI INTEX September 2003 at Coimbatore
  • NATIONAL CII CONFERENCE on organic farming and livelihood opportunity to SHG members, November 2003 at Mysore
  • Presentation at Workshop on Organic farming entitled Organic cultivation of exotic vegetables held at Regional Office, NABARD, Chennai
  • Cultivation of organic onions in Seminar conducted by NHRDF for Onion growers Association at Hosur.